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10 Amazing Facts-Vol.1

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Amazing Medical Facts

1. India's first pharmaceutical company

India's first pharmaceutical company was established in Kolkata, in 1901 by Prafulla Chandra Ray. He started in 1982 with the name of Bengal Chemical Works with a capital of 700 Rs. His main purpose behind making it was to give jobs to the youth and reduce the dependency on British Government for jobs. Besides that he wanted to stimulate the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth.

Later on, company name was changed to Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (BCPL) & became Public Sector Undertaking company (Government Organisation).

2. First Doctor

Bholanath Basu, Gopal Chandra Sheel, Dwarakanath Basu & Surajit Chakraborty were first student to qualify as doctor from Calcutta Medical Collège which was the first medical college in India, established in 1835.

Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi was the first women of Indian origin to acquire medical degree from the women’s medical college of Pennsylvania, USA, in 1886 but she did not practice.

3. First Private Hospital in India

Apollo Hospital was the first corporate hospital in India, established in 1983 in Madras (now knows as Chennai)

4. Un-believable facts on Human Body

  • Stomach acid is very strong which can dissolve razor blades
  • Like finger print, tongue print also has unique characteristics which differ from person to person even for identical twins. The shape, surface, colour and many more features of tongue are unique for every individual. Due to all these uniqueness, tongue print can serve better biometric identification tool in future.

5. Power of Sildenafil (Viagra)

Sildenafil is using for treating male erectile dysfunction.

Interesting study has been conducted by Israeli and Australian researchers & they have found that Sildenafil (Viagra) can make the cut flowers stand up straight (Rose flower with stick).

What they have done is that they dissolved 1 mg of Viagra in a vase of water and then poured the cut flowers in vase.

They found that drug can increase the shelf life of cut flowers and make them stand up straight for one week more than it usually would. After that, researchers tested on different flowers as strawberries, legumes, roses, carnations, broccoli, and other perishables and found same result.

6. Youngest Doctor

Balamurali Krishna became the world’s youngest doctor at the age of 17 in 1995. He was born on 1977 & currently working at the university of Utah, USA as professor of Ophthalmology

7. First Hospital with air & water ambulance facility

Lakeshore Hospital & Research Centre is the first hospital which has air & water ambulance facility. This hospital is situated in Kochi, Kerala on National Highway 47. Making cost of 11 storeys building of this super speciality hospital is 50 crore which provides state of the art medical services & has helipad on its roof. It provides air ambulance service for critically ill patients from the airport of Kerala to the hospital moreover, the hospital can be reached by water way where patients arrive by boats.

8. First Sperm Bank

To help infertility patients, Dr. Ariruddha Malpani with his wife Dr. Anjali opened first sperm bank in Mumbai in the year of 1990. The bank has facility for storing sperm of people who may be critically ill for implantation at a later date.

9. First Blood Bank

First blood bank was established in Kolkata in 1939 by Upendranath Brahmachari.

10. Doctor is God", and it is true!

We say, "The doctor is God", and it is true! There are still such doctors and one of them is Dr. Ganesh Rakh, practiced in Pune. He has 50 bedded hospitals where he does not take any delivery charge if a baby girl is born. In addition to that Dr. celebrates the birth of a baby girl by cutting a cake, distributing sweets & presenting a bouquet to mother. After birth if baby girl suffers from critical illness & need to admit in intensive care then also, he does everything without taking any fees. Dr. Rakh is doing this noble work since 2012 and till now he has done more than 500 delivery of baby girl without taking any fees.

Through this work he wants to send a message to the society that the parents should not think that the daughter is a burden and accept it equally as son.

For this work Dr. Ganesh Rakh has been invited in KBC & placed in Limca Book of Record.


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