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We have heard the word of Mitochondria many times but have you ever thought that who are the mitochondria of pharma companies? Yes…definitely, you people are. In a real sense, you are power house; you are pillars, you are oxygen, you are men or women behind the pharma companies. Without you, the existence of pharma companies will be on the question mark. I don't know how many people with me, but we (Pharmachondria) believe this from the core of the heart.

Pharmachondria always believe that the sales team of any pharmaceutical organization is the mitochondria of that company. But at the same time we are not denying the importance of other department just as we can not deny the importance of other Organelles (ribosome/ Golgi body/ Vacuole/ Lysosome etc.) in the cell.

This website is fully dedicated to all my friends associated with the pharma sales profession. Our motto behind this website's making is plain & simple, is to help you grow in your professional life. Here we will encourage you to put a unique touch on even the most common task. Always remember, we may never have the opportunity to do great things in a great way, but we all have the chance to do small things in a great way. If you do things differently, distinctly, you will go that extra mile, which will help you in your career in future. You can consider Pharmachondria as a ladder on your career path.

Here we will try to help you & make you up to date with latest information of Pharma Industry regarding...….

  • Pharma Vacancy
  • Market Insight- IMS Data
  • Patients Educational Video
  • Festival Wishing Video
  • Case studies of Objection Handling
  • Motivational stories on Pharma Icons
  • Pharma News
  • Digital Wishing Card (Birthday/ Anniversary/ New Year)
  • PPT Slides for Managers to use in meetings
  • Digital Visiting Card & Many more....

Your Success & Happiness are important to us. 

Yours friend,

Team Pharmachondria