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Indian Pharmaceuticals Market Overview-Apr’2021

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IPM Data Apr'21

Indian Pharmaceutical Market Over view & Snap Shot April'2021

IPM  performance for the Indian Pharma Industry seen a robust growth of 51.5% for the month of April 21. Major three reasons is there for this which we have addressed below:- 

3 major reasons for this tremendous growth:

  • Correction made by pharma companies for their dip that was happen in Apr'20.
  • Second wave of Covid has further boosted the sales of drugs related to Covid treatment & many others essential drugs. Therefore we can see that Anti-infectives market showing a growth of 134% and Nutritionals market with  a growth of 76%. Those companies involve in Covid treatment therapy segments have gained substantially growth through their bumper sales for the month.
  • Now Pharma industry are well prepared compare to last year of same month for production and distribution exigencies that are expected during lockdown. 

Below is the List & Rank of Top 50 Pharma Corporates in India (IPM, Apr'21)

Substantial changes has happened for ranking of companies for this month due to above discussed reasons. 

Top 50 Pharma Corporates in India
  • MAT-Moving Annual Total(Cumulative data for last one year) 
  • MS-Market Share
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