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Indian Pharmaceuticals Market Overview-Feb’2021

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Indian Pharma Market

Rank of top 100 Pharma Companies in India

The Growth rate of Indian Pharma Companies is not match to the level of expectation hence recovery is relatively slower. Therapy areas that contribute a significant chunk to the IPM are slow in recovery though majority of the therapy areas have already moved to the recovery path.

The COVID crisis has impacted the IPM and trend of growth of 4.5% in Jan’21 has decreased to 1.1% in Feb'21. The running quarter growth of Dec-Jan-Feb'21 is 4.7% .

Snap shot of Top 7 Therapies

  1. Cardiac registered a monthly growth of 7.3% compared to 8.8 % in Jan’21.
  2. Anti-Diabetic registered growth of 4.3% compared to 5.3% in Jan'21.
  3. Respiratory medicines growth slumps to -20.3% compared to -14.1% in Jan ’21.
  4. Post Unlock down since June’20 the struggle for Anti-infectives -2.7% in Jan 21 continues -11.3% in Feb'21.
  5. Gastro exhibits growth of 9.9% vs 14.3% in Jan’21.
  6. Vitamins have shown growth of 8.6% in Feb Vs 12.2% of Jan 21 and
  7. Pain & Analgesics are at 2.3% in Feb’21 vs 5 % in Jan 21.

Below is the List & Rank of Top 100 Pharma Companies in India (IPM, Feb'21)

Rank of Top 100 Pharma Companies in India
  • MAT-Moving Annual Total(Cumulative data for last one year) 
  • MS-Market Share
  • MTH-Month, Dec'20
  • GR-Growth Rate
  • All data figure in crore

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