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IPM Overview-Dec 2020

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Overview Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM)Dec’2020

The year 2020 has actually been a challenging year for many sectors. However, the Indian Pharma sector has managed this challenging situation with a positive growth record.

The motivating trends in the last couple of months hint towards a near-normal revival for most companies.

The COVID situation has impacted the IPM, and the trend of growth in Nov '20 with 1.0% has enhanced to 8.5% in Dec'20. Some therapies continue the trend of revival on Dec 20.

Snap shot of Top 7 Therapies

  1. Cardiac registered a monthly growth of 14.9% compared to 8.7 % in Nov’20.
  2. Anti-Diabetic registered growth of 9.9% compared to 1.9% in Nov '20.
  3. Respiratory medicines growth slumps to -8.7% compared to -6.9 % in Nov ’20.
  4. Post Unlock down since June’20 the struggle for Anti-infectives 0.2% in Nov 20 continues 5.2% in Dec 20.
  5. Gastro exhibits growth of 16.2 % vs 3.1% in Nov’20.
  6. Vitamins have bounced back has growth of 14.0% in Dec Vs 6.6 % Nov 20 and
  7. Pain & Analgesics are at 6.0% in Dec’20 vs -5.2 % in Nov 20.

Note: -Rest of the therapies will be discussed later.

IPM (Indian Pharmaceutical Market)-Top 100 Companies-Dec'20

IPM-100 Companies Health

MAT-Moving Annual Total(Cumulative data for last one year) 

MS-Market Share

MTH-Month, Dec'20

GR-Growth Rate

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