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OpenRx Timer launched by Entod Pharmaceuticals to prevent of using expired eye drops

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OpenRx Application by Entod

OpenRx Timer Mobile Application

Open Rx Timer by Entod

OpenRx Timer is free of cost mobile application (App) to manage eye drops smartly. It reminds patients about the opening date of a bottle of medicine & prevents them from using expired medication.

Each & every bottle mentions that medicine should use within 30 days after opening, but patients fail to do that because most patients forget the opening date of eye drops and others don't take it seriously, resulting in several ill effects on the eyes.

To solve this problem, Entod Pharmaceuticals has launched OpenRx Timer on the month of Jan’21. It is developed by Brainovations Education Excellence software company.

It is simple yet smart innovative, user-friendly mobile application that records the opening date of medicine and set a reminder when to discard with just matter of second with few clicks.

This app will not only help to discard the medicine timely but also raise awareness among patients regarding ill effect on eyes if patients use the medicine after their expiration. Overall OpenRx application act as a guide on the proper management & usage of eye drops.

Mr. Nikkhil K Masurkar, Executive Director, ENTOD Pharmaceuticals has proudly informed & explained this application to media.

OpenRx Timer is available for android & Ios both applications. Patients can download from Google play store & Ios store without paying single money.

Ophthalmologists across India appreciate Entod Pharmaceuticals for this initiative.

Below is the interface of OpenRx Timer application on mobile device

Open Rx
Open Rx login
Open Rx

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