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Relationship Matters Which Makes You Winner

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Relationship with doctors

Relationship Matters Which Can Makes You Winner

There are certain qualities of a Medical Representative which influence doctors generally. Therefore, while inquiring from a chemist if you come to know that Dr. so and so is prescribing brand name of any product that your company too is marketing. You should further explore the reason for it, i.e. what may be the factor which is influencing his decision? Is it the cost? Whether a competitive product is economical? Or it offers some benefits that your product does not? If both the products have the same merits then who is behind the product i.e. the concerned representative. Is he/she smarter than you? Is he/she better than you in communication i.e. detailing? Or his/her relations are better than yours with that doctor. Now if any of the answers is 'Yes' then you should Consider, why it is so and how you can score over him. Accordingly, you can improve the same quality within you and get ahead.

A Medical Representative which impresses a doctor is the type of relations a M.R. keeps with him. Every doctor is a human being and would like to be treated as a human not as a machine. In today's scenario the basic purpose of a M.R.'s visit is not fulfilled. Most of the products marketed by different companies are same. A doctor gets repeated information that too, more or less, in a monotonous way, which makes him irritated. Now the question arises, how to communicate a message under these circumstances? Of course, the best way to do it is to make the atmosphere favorable and then start passing on the real message. Try to find out the area of common interest where you can attract his attention towards you and the moment you feel he is with you, start discussing relevant points of your detailing. You will find that slowly and gradually you both will come closer and unknowingly develop a 'relationship'. Then doctor will do all that he can do for you. His inhibitions towards you will be negligible and you will find it most comfortable to call on him. This way you both will be benefited as apart from making your calls easy and productive. This will give an opportunity to the doctor to relax while you make his/her call.

Excellent Story of Mr. Raj Shekar narrated by his manager Bibhuti Lal (Pfizer): -

Art of making good relation with doctors

I have learnt this art of keeping a good relationship from one of my fellow representatives. Raj Shekher and I both were posted at Muzaffarpur as M.R.  Raj had joined the territory after six months of my joining at Muzaffarpur. We both were doing well as far as the expectations of our companies were concerned but one quality of Raj Shekhar which I admired most was his inclination towards keeping good relations with the customer. I remember two incidents which might benefit you.

We were covering an ex-station from Muzaffarpur (Sahebganj). On his first visit to that interior, I had introduced Raj Shekhar to one of the most important doctors of that town, Dr. Sinha. After two months, it came as a surprise to me when Raj refused to take dinner with me as he was invited at Dr. Sinha's residence for dinner. Of course, I could not resist long to ask and the next evening when he was relaxing with me, I asked him. Raj told me very confidently the story.

On the day when he had called on Dr. Sinha first time with me, he observed Dr. Sinha asking his compounder to keep few cassettes of Talat Aziz's ghazals in his car. Coincidentally, Raj too was a lover of ghazals but not of 'Talat Aziz'. He preferred to listen to 'Jagjit Singh'. So on the next visit when he visited the same town to call on Dr. Sinha he made a point to discuss with him about ghazals. Intentionally he kept his plan of action such that he visited Dr. Sinha in the last.

It was around 2 o'clock, Dr. Sinha had seen almost all patients and was about to leave. Raj asked, "Sir, if you are not getting delayed, may I get few minutes"? Dr. Sinha said, "Yes, please sit down." He was looking tired. So Raj started, "Must be feeling tired, Sir!" Before Dr. Sinha would have said anything, his compounder brought a cup of tea for him. Naturally being a gentleman, Dr. Sinha ordered another cup of tea for Raj Shekhar too. In the meantime, Raj Shekhar asked "Sir, do you like 'Jagjit Singh too?". It came as a surprise for Dr. Sinha. "How do you know I like ghazals? Sir, last time I had seen cassettes of Talat Aziz with you. "Well, I like Talat Aziz" Dr. Sinha replied. "I don't know, but I could not develop an interest for Talat Aziz" Raj continued. It means you have not listened to him carefully. I will give you a cassette, listen and then tell me" Dr. Sinha replied.

Since it was a nearby town Dr. Sinha was also residing in Muzaffarpur, Raj continued, Sir, may I collect it today evening from your residence? "Of course" Dr. Sinha said. "At what time it will be convenient for you, Sir?" "Around 9 o'clock" Dr. Sinha said. By this time both of them had finished their tea. So Raj quickly brought out his visual-aid & after detailing asked firm commitment for two of his products. But in the last did not forget to say, "O.K. Sir, see you in the evening."

In the evening Raj Shekhar visited Dr. Sinha's residence in his casual dress. He brought a cassette of Jagjit Singh with him. They had a cup of tea and exchanged cassettes with each other. After a week once again in the evening around 8 p.m. Raj visited the doctor's residence to return his cassette. Since Dr. Sinha was not available, he left his cassette along with two more cassettes of Jagjit Singh with his wife. Next month when he visited the town of Dr. Sinha it came to him as pleasant surprise that the products, he had introduced to Dr. Sinha during his last visit were moving well.

Once again, he visited Dr. Sinha's clinic in the last. It was a Wednesday; the moment Raj entered the clinic he wished Dr. Sinha. Dr. Sinha responded with a cheerful smile and offered him a seat. After seeing one or two patients, Dr. Sinha asked Raj Shekhar, "If you are not in a hurry, let me finish all these patients and then we will talk." Raj said, "Please take your own time, Sir." Just after getting free from the patients, Dr. Sinha asked Raj Shekhar, "So, how are you? "Raj politely replied, "Thanks sir, I am O.K. How about you?"

Dr. Sinha said, "It seems you have got a good collection of ghazals. I would like to see your collection." "It will be my pleasure", Raj Shekhar replied and brought out his visual-aid and kept it on his lap and asked, "Sir, may I have your few minutes please?". "Sure" Dr. Sinha said. While detailing Raj conveyed his thanks to him for prescribing his products and took firm commitment once again for only two products. As Raj was about to leave, Dr. Sinha asked, "your work is over?". "Yes Sir" replied Raj Shekhar. "Then come along with me, I will drop you" Dr. Sinha Said.

As soon as they reached Muzaffarpur, Raj Shekhar asked "Sir would you like to see my collection right now, my room is on the way." Dr. Sinha agreed and visited his room. It was a small but clean room with a bed, a chair and a wardrobe. Everything was nicely arranged. "Sir, while I prepare a cup of tea, you can see my collection", and showed him the rack where he had kept all the cassettes. Dr. Sinha was watching with interest and Raj brought cups of tea. While taking tea Dr. Sinha asked Raj Shekhar to play one of the cassettes he had selected. The moment he heard the stereophonic sound of Raj's music system, he asked him "Which system is it?". "Sir, it's my own assembled system." "What!"

"Yes, Sir even the wooden cabinet is made by me. To play with electronic components are my hobby." "But this is fantastic. I have a 'two-in-one' of 'Videocon Music system' but there is no match of that with this sound". On Dr. Sinha's evincing interest, Raj told him about the alternative arrangement. Dr. Sinha said, "Do one thing, take dinner tonight with me, we will finalise the matter."

This was the day when Raj did not accompany me for dinner. In the late evening when Raj Shekhar visited his place, Dr. Sinha introduced him to his family and showed him his 'two-in-one' music system. In the meantime, Raj found an old record changer of Garrad' in idle condition. He asked if he could see it. After examining it he told Dr. Sinha "Sir, are you interested in investing Rs.3000/- approximately, I will convert both of these equipments in stereo." Dr. Sinha said "Is it possible?". "Yes Sir, if you want", Raj replied and told his plan. They discussed till late night and in between they took the dinner.

It was a Sunday morning. I found Raj with Dr. Sinha in his car. When asked, Raj told me, "I am going with Dr. Sinha to purchase a music system for him from Patna." They bought a Sonodyne stereo amplifier that he attached with changer and tape recorder of Dr. Sinha later on.

After that, I too visited Dr. Sinha's residence along with Raj Shekhar and saw the arrangement of music system. On my appreciation, Dr. Sinha said, "It is all because of Raj Shekhar." Gradually they became very good friends, both in their personal as well as professional life.

Now, here one thing that I learnt from him is that it was not his hobby which helped him to develop these relations but his zeal towards developing relations with his customers. It would be clear from another example of Dr. Srivastava which will be shared on next Sunday.

Please share with your team to learn about the importance of relationship & how to build this.

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