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Short & Simple Check List to Surplus Your Target & Achieve Extra Ordinary Result

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One of our member Mr. Raj Purohit working at Cipla as ASM, has shared a checklist consisting of 10 points that he is following to evaluate his performance since last 7 years from his initial day in pharma industry as a MR in Ghaziabad. Now it becomes a habit for him. Mr. Raj Purohit has taught this from his next line manager 7 yrs back. 

As an ASM he has achieved more than 104% with 13% growth for the last 3 years. He has travelled foreign 4 times with his team and awarded “Best Consistent Manager in the Country” at Cipla.

Mr. Purohit wants to give credit to his team member & this checklist for his success. He is always thankful to his immediate boss, who taught him.

I have gone through the checklist once Mr. Purohit has shared with me. I found that it is very handy & simple while evaluating your own performance or individual member of a team during a particular month/ cycle/ year. After seeing this checklist, one thing I can assure with confidence that if you practicing & implementing it, territories will be in your grip with very short span of time. Many things we are doing also but not in a systematic manner. Hence this checklist gives us a systematic approach to evaluate our performance.

Given below is the Check List:-

1.Have I achieved my value-wise/ Product-wise sales objective for the month/ phase/ Cycle/ Year?

  • What is the percentage achievement?
  • What is the growth over last month/ year?
  • What are the products showing positive growth trend, over the corresponding period of last year?
  • Which are the products degrowing?

2. How many calls have I made in this month/ cycle/ fortnight?

3.What is my call average?

4.Have I covered all the market of my territory as per the tour program?

5.Have I covered all the doctors of my visiting list?

6.Have I covered all my V.I.P. Class One/ Category A doctors as per the requisite schedule?

7.What was my personal order booking during the month/ cycle/ phase?

8.How was the liquidation of stocks from the stockist’s shelves?

9.Have I monitored the competitor’s activity?

10.Have I sent all my reports in time?

These above 10 points are very vital points for the health of any territory. I would like to request all of you, please go through the list, and if you find it is useful, please share with other colleagues and start implementing it immediately in your territory. For review or meeting purposes also, you can use this checklist as an agenda. It is very short, simple & straightforward.

Please suggest If anything missed in the checklist which can improve further.

What do you think? Is it beneficial? Please share your feedback on comment section & let us know. Together we will learn & grow.

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