First Impression Starts with a strong Resume

(Your CV is your Mirror)

Write an amazing Resume that works in Pharma Industry

Write A Resume Which Will Get You Hired in 2021

1. Specially designed for the people who want to apply for the position of Medical Representative

2. Made by Industry Expert - Pharma Managers

3. 101 Ready made templates suited for the position of MR

4. All templates are in word file- No need to think or designing anything, just replace texts as per your profile & then convert to pdf file- That's all

5. No need to think to write non specific section like "your Strength", "Your Weakness", "Hobby", "Interest", "Skills" etc.

Helping Hand-Support

Paid Service to Get Faster Result

(For Freshers Only)

We are extending our helping hands to freshers with a mission to help them to choose their profession by their choice not by chance. Young people are always concerned about finding the right career for them; however, identifying the right career is not an easy task. It is said that there are two critical and important decisions we make in our lives, one is the choice of a life partner and the second, the choice of a career or profession. These two important choices determine whether we will be happy and successful in our life or not and in both cases, it is only possible to make the correct choice when we are fully aware or knowledgeable regarding this. Hence knowledge and awareness are very important to make correct decision.

There may be two ways in which we can look for a job, the first is to accept whatever comes our way; the other is to understand our carrier objectives & career options then pick up the right kind of job of our liking in which we can put our heart and derive happiness.  Many of us get attracted to a job without having sufficient knowledge about it. Later on, we realize that it is much different than what we had expected.

So always try to gather more information as much as possible before taking any final decision because it is your life so it is your responsibility to make it meaningful & beautiful.

We are trying our level best to help you with free of cost but some times it is not enough to many users who want to get the job faster. Moreover, many freshers don't have any proper idea & guidance. For them we have launched our paid service where we will give you hand holding support for 3 months to crack the interview & get your job. 

Feature 1

Local MR will meet you physically.

He will be with you for 3 months & provides hand holding support.

Feature 2 

Local MR will guide you & clear all your doubt.


  • About companies culture
  • Questions asked in an interviews
  • Salary structure
  • Daily Allowances & other benefits as PF, Health insurances etc.
  • Doctors/ Chemist/ Stockiest
  • Career growth
  • And many more.
Feature 3

He will add your number to local WhatsApp/ Telegram/ Facebook groups so that you will get more updates about vacancies for your local H.Q.

Feature 4

Local MR will guide you where from you can find more jobs in your location (Daba Mandi, Various hospitals where many MRs from different companies used to come on daily basis). So that you can easily find jobs at your location.

Bonus: Great Opportunity

Counseling from one ASM for about 30 mins & about 15 mins from one RSM and that will be one time.

(You can ask your questions & clear doubts from experienced Pharma Managers) 

After payment, service will be activated & within 24-48 hrs we will send you the number of local person who are working as a Medical Representative. At the same time we will share your number with him/her. So that both of you will communicate with each other & meet as per convenience date and time.

Introductory Price

1500         999 Rs.

Disclaimer: We will only help you to get the job faster. We are not giving any assurance or guarantee for job.